What are the BRICS Solutions for SDGs Awards 2021 about?

The BRICS Solutions for SDGs Awards 2021 are aimed at recognising the work being done across BRICS countries in achieving these SDGs, especially through innovative solutions. The contest will help in exchange of knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions in the area of SDGs. It will also foster greater collaboration amongst BRICS economies towards meeting the sustainable development agenda.

What kind of the projects / programs / solutions are looked for?

Projects / programs / solutions launched / implemented in the BRICS countries aimed at contributing towards the identified SDGs specially through innovative solutions under the following categories are being looked at.

  • - Zero Hunger (SDG 2)
  • - Good Health and Well Being (SDG 3)
  • - Quality Education (SDG 4)
  • - Gender Equality (SDG 5)
  • - Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6)
  • - Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7)
  • - Innovation in Industry and Infrastructure Development (SDG 9)

Who can participate?

BRICS Solutions for SDGs Awards will be open to citizens and organizations of the BRICS countries. The nominations can be received from authors of solutions, projects or ideas, and/or persons/organisations who have deep knowledge about a solution, project or idea, and are able to perform mentoring functions in order to support its replication in other BRICS countries.

What is the Eligibility Criterion?

The nominations can be received from individuals, corporations, not for profit organisations and for-profit social enterprises.

  • - The project / program / solution should be at least 3 years old.
  • - The project / program / solution may be initiated/ongoing/completed project. In case of completed
  • - Intervention, information should not be more than 5 years old.
  • - Individual applicants need to be nominated by NGO or corporations.

How to participate?

To participate in the Contest, you should:

  • - Register on the Contest webpage and receive registration confirmation.
  • - Choose the nomination and fill in the application form.
  • - Be in contact to receive feedback from the experts and jury.

Is there a participation fee?

Participation is free of charge for all applicants.

How many projects / programs / solutions one applicant can post?

There is no limitation for participants in the number of projects / programs / solutions that can be posted.

What is the language of the Contest?

The official language of the Contest is English. All contest materials should be provided in English.

What is the timescale of the contest?

LAUNCH : APR 19, 2021
Outreach by National Chapters of BRICS Business Council : APR 19 – JUNE 15
Registration:  APR 19 – JUNE 30
Round I - Shortlisting: JUNE 30 – JULY 15
Assessment by international jury: JULY 15 – AUG 15
Announcement of results: AUG (TENTATIVE)

How projects / programs / solutions will be judged/evaluated?

All posted projects / programs / solutions will be assessed by the Jury of the Contest on the following criteria:

  • - Relevance - Relevance of the intervention as per the geographic area.
  • - Approach - Approach to the design of the intervention / project / solution.
  • - Efficiency - Financial and non-financial resources deployed for the solution.
  • - Sustainability - Solution is sustainable and demonstrates effectiveness & tangible impact.
  • - Collaboration - Partnerships, strengthening and promoting community action.
  • - Uniqueness and Scalability - The initiative / project / solution should be ‘innovative’, 'scalable, 'replicable' and ‘cost effective’.

What are the Stages of Assessment Process?

Stage I: Call for applications and short listing of applications based on the following criteria.

  • - Applicants are required to fill as per the category; incorrect applications will be rejected.
  • - Applications to be complete with all the relevant information and supporting documents; incomplete applications will be rejected.

Stage III: Applications will again be short-listed, and the qualifying score would be 30 - may vary basis the quality of applications received.

  • - Jury report is developed of the shortlisted applications and a score card is developed.
  • - Report is shared with the Jury.
  • - Jury discussion and recommendations for winners and runners-up (2) in each category

How the Jury will be formed?

International jury will be formed across award categories based on recommendations of National Chapters of the BRICS Business Council.

What acknowledgement the participants will get?

Taking into account the current situation with travel restrictions the awarding ceremony to honour the finalists and winners will be held online via Zoom platform.
The exact date of the awarding ceremony will be posted on the website: www.bricssdgawards2021.com

Who are the organizers of the Contest?

BRICS Business Council and FICCI.

For all questions regarding the contest, please email : secretariat.bricssdgawards@ficci.com